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The Ray County Museum received some priceless photographs  when Don Rogers presented a book of historic photographs of Camden, along with the glass photo negatives they were produced from, to the Ray County Historical Society Board of Directors this past week.

Rogers told the board the photographic plates were given to him by Earl Frazier and  they are from the Alfred E. Thomas family.

The photos are very significant as they are of the  Camden area before the Missouri River changed course in 1917.

Rogers can trace a picture of a steamboat to around 1907 as the boat sank in 1908.

The new collection of photographs will become one of the many local treasures preserved at the Ray County Museum in Richmond.

It is located at 901 W. Royle Street in Richmond and contains three floors of Ray County artifacts along with a genealogical and historical research library.

The museum operates on donations and an annual commitment from the Ray County Commission.

The Ray County  Historical Society  welcomes any donation to the Annual Fund, regardless of size.  These gifts help support the exhibits  and  collection, maintain the building, and fund the many other events and activities presented through the year. 

Contributions to the Annual Fund may be made by contacting the Museum at 776-2305

All Ray County residents are encouraged to visit the museum and experience a piece of the past. 

Volunteers are always needed to help with the maintenance of the museum. Contact the museum if you would be interested in helping preserve Ray County history.